Police investigating campaign contributions for New Mexico man accused of targeting political rivals

Officials are investigating the source of campaign contributions to Solomon Pena, the failed Republican candidate for New Mexico State House who allegedly orchestrated

shootings at the homes of multiple Democratic rivals.  Questions about the campaign donations arose during their investigation into Pena's actions, the Albuquerque Police

Department said in a statement. He currently faces 15 charges, including multiple felonies, for paying accomplices to rake the homes of two state legislators and two county

commissioners with gunfire.  Detectives "uncovered potential illegal activity related to monetary contributions" that Pena solicited during his campaign. Albuquerque Mayor

Tim Keller said that Pena ran on a "Make America Great Again" platform and called him a "right wing radical" and "election denier." Pena falsely claimed that his race, which he

lost in a landslide to incumbent Democratic state Rep. Miguel P. Garcia, was "rigged."  One of the suspects in the shootings, Jose Trujillo, donated $5,150 to Pena's 2022

campaign. Trujillo's mother, Melanie Griego, donated another $4,000.  These two donations "represent nearly 40% of the money raised by Pena," the APD said.  Trujillo was

arrested on Jan. 3 on a felony warrant the same night as one of the shootings that Pena allegedly orchestrated. He was found with two firearms, several magazines of ammunition,

nearly 900 fentanyl pills, and more than $3,000 inside his vehicle. Trujillo was charged with the outstanding warrant and for trafficking in narcotics.