Protests move into Peru’s capital amid smoke and tear gas

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Thousands of protesters poured into Peru’s capital Thursday, clashing with police amid tear gas and smoke and demanding the ouster of President Dina Boluarte.

Many came from remote Andean regions, where 55 people have died amid unrest since Peru’s first president from a rural Andean background was removed from office last

month. The protests have seen Peru’s worst political violence in more than two decades and highlighted deep divisions between the country’s urban elite, largely concentrated

in Lima, and poor rural areas. Former President Pedro Castillo has been in detention and expected to be tried for rebellion since was impeached after a failed attempt to dissolve

Congress. The day was mostly quiet, punctuated by clashes and tear gas. The government called on everyone who could to work from home. After sundown, clashes escalated, and

late Thursday night, a major fire broke out at a building near the historic Plaza San Martin, although no connection to the protests was immediately clear. Anger at Boluarte

was the common thread Thursday as protesters chanted calls for her resignation and street sellers hawked T-shirts saying, “Out, Dina Boluarte,” “Dina murderer, Peru repudiates

you,” and “New elections, let them all leave.” Peru’s ombudsman said at least 13 civilians and four police officers were injured in the Lima protests Thursday. A total of 22

police officers and 16 civilians were injured Thursday throughout the country, Interior Minister Vicente Romero Fernández said.