Queen’s funeral: Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Westminster Abbey for Wellington Arch – latest updates

LIVE – Updated at 13:33 Gun carriage will transport coffin to Wellington Arch, where it will be transferred to state hearse for journey to Windsor.

  13:33 The young Prince George and Princess Charlotte are seen on camera exchanging a few words as the coffin is lifted from the gun carriage. The 142 navy sailors

who have been hauling it now march away, leaving the bearing party ready to place the Queen in the state hearse. Queen's coffin arrives at Wellington Arch 13:31

The procession has now arrived at Wellington Arch. The bearer party will lift the coffin from the state gun carriage and place it in the state hearse before the car leaves for

Windsor. There will be a royal salute and the national anthem will be played. The arch was an original entrance to Buckingham Palace, later becoming a victory

arch commemorating the Duke of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon. Orders are being given for the bearer party to remove head dress after the Queen’s coffin has

passed under Wellington Arch Little noise other than music and the clicking of cameras pic.twitter.com/m8S27V4zbQ— Ben Quinn (@BenQuinn75) September 19, 2022

  13:31 The sailors who have been hauling the gun carriage from Westminster Abbey have now stopped, and the whole company has assembled into position. The band has

stopped playing, and members of the royal family are now gathered together to witness the next part of the ceremony.   13:28 Jamie Grierson As the procession

in London continues, anticipation among royal supporters gathered along the Long Walk in Windsor has started to heighten.