Recall Issued for Children's Pajamas Over Flammability Concerns

Parents are being urged to dispose of certain pairs of children's pajamas that have been recalled due to flammability worries. The recall was issued last week by the

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and concerns 26 designs sold by the U.K.-based company, Selfie Craft. The recalled pajamas, roughly 38,740 in all, were sold over a

long period of time, from November 2017 to June of last year. The products were manufactured for children ages 3 to 12, sold with packs of permanent fabric pens that children

could use to color in pictures on the pajamas. The pens were packaged in a container that read, "Colour In Creative Craft Kit, Crafty Fun, British Design With Love." The

recall was prompted by a failure to meet U.S. flammability standards, presenting a risk of burns to children wearing them. No injuries or incidents related to the products have

been reported. "Quality and fun are the basis of our brand's ethos, providing children with a creative outlet and allowing them to experience a huge sense of pride and

enjoyment when being allowed to wear what they have made!" Selfie Craft's official statement read. "Just as important is safety; our products are rigorously tested to ensure we

provide our customers with safe products. Despite the due diligence and care we have taken, we have received a notice from the CPSC that our pajamas do not meet the children's

sleepwear flammability testing requirements within the USA ONLY. This is because the pajamas measurements deem them out of scope to be classed as 'tight fitting.'