Red envelopes inspired by B.C. man's love for family, culture launch for Lunar New Year

Red envelopes with a little bit of cash slipped inside have been handed out at Lunar New Year celebrations for centuries. This year, a new dad in Vancouver, B.C., is putting a

new spin on the cultural practice to make it more accessible for the next generation of Chinese Canadians. Kevin K. Li is the man behind a new project called Mission: Red

Pocket and has worked with local Asian artists to create three envelope designs inspired by past Lunar New Year celebrations with a modern twist. Red envelopes — known as

hóngbāo in Mandarin or lai see in Cantonese — are given out at holidays and special occasions with money inside. While they are traditionally printed with Chinese greetings

on them, Li's also have an explanation in English on the back. "We believe in the importance of being able to understand our own culture and building bridges through art

and stories to combat anti-Asian hate," reads the project's website. The designs can be purchased online and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to

Vancouver's Chinatown Storytelling Centre. To talk about what inspired his project, Li sat down with The Early Edition's Stephen Quinn.  The following transcript has

been edited for clarity and length. My daughter was born last year and my wife and I made a plan to speak more Chinese ... and then we couldn't even get through the first

hour before cracking out some some English because our Chinese is limited. If I couldn't even pass on a daily conversation to my daughter, how was I going to pass on