Refugee pianist, 12, wins place at music academy

A 12 year-old Ukrainian refugee described as an exceptional pianist says earning a place at the Royal Academy of Music is "like a dream". Kateryna Pyshniuk and her

mother Anna fled the Ukraine war after a month and live with a host family in Bristol. Kateryna started playing the piano, aged five, and says playing keeps her mind off the

war. After arriving in Bristol her musical skills quickly led to her being offered a place at Clifton College. She and her mother, a professional musician, fled the

Ukraine war after a month, leaving behind her father and brother. The pair found a host family via Facebook and waited a month for visas to arrive before moving to Bristol.

After getting a place at Clifton College and as people became further aware of her "amazing" skill, she was sent for an audition at the royal academy in London. 'Very

happy day' "Its a dream - when I was in Ukraine I didn't even wish that I would study in London, that I would perform in England, learn at the royal academy and Clifton College

- it's a good crazy thing," Kateryna said. "It was like a big present from England to me and I really enjoyed it. It was a very happy day for me." She added she's

learning a lot from her new teachers but missed her family as well as her former piano teacher, who "inspired" her love of music. Daniel Robson, director of music at

Clifton College, said: "It is a joy to have her here, she's a wonderfully talented pianist - so young and she's been through so much but is still a really happy young