Reporter Lisa Guerrero says she suffered miscarriage live on 'Monday Night Football' sidelines

Journalist Lisa Guerrero said she was reporting live on the sidelines of "Monday Night Football" in 2003 when she felt an intense pain in her stomach

mid-broadcast.  "When I felt a dampness between my legs, I thought, 'Oh, I got my period.' And then I remembered I was pregnant. I was having a miscarriage,"

Guerrero wrote in an excerpt that People obtained from her upcoming memoir, "Warrior," out Jan. 24.   Guerrero opened up about the "negativity and cruelty" she

experienced during her one season on the "MNF" sidelines in her new book. But Guerrero said her experience was worse than anyone knew.  From NFL plays to college sports

scores, all the top sports news you need to know every day. "I could feel blood leaking. The officials' bathroom was in the tunnel behind me," Guerrero

recalled, adding that she told her assistant that she was going to the bathroom. "'He looked at me as if I were insane. 'They're about to throw to you.'"

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who criticized everything from her clothes to her posture, including her "MNF" executive producer Freddie Gaudelli. With that in mind, Guerrero said she went on with her report

despite her medical emergency.