Russia-Ukraine war: Germany expects decision ‘soon’ on delivery of tanks to Ukraine; Zelenskiy vows to fight corruption – live

LIVE – Updated at 05:41 Berlin says it will not ‘stand in the way’ of Poland sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine; Volodymyr Zelenskiy says there will be ‘no

return to what used to be in the past’. Germany will ‘not stand in way’ of Poland sending tanks to Ukraine 05:41 Daniel Boffey Germany has said it will not

“stand in the way” of Poland sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine, in what appears to be the clearest signal yet from Berlin that European allies could deliver the German-made

hardware. Foreign minister Annalena Baerbock was asked in an interview with French television station LCI what would happen if Poland sent its Leopard 2 tanks without

German approval. Baerbock replied: For the moment the question has not been asked, but if we were asked we would not stand in the way.” Poland

announced it is ready to deliver 14 Leopard tanks to Kyiv. Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki had said that if Germany refused to supply the tanks to Ukraine, “we will set up a

‘small coalition’ of countries ready to donate some of their modern equipment, their modern tanks”. Summary and welcome 05:31 Hello and welcome back to the

Guardian’s live coverage of the war in Ukraine. I’m Samantha Lock and I’ll be bringing you all the latest developments as they unfold over the next few hours. Germany

continues to come under heavy diplomatic pressure to send its tanks – or at least allow countries that bought them from Germany to re-export them – to Ukraine. As the producer of

the Leopard tanks, Berlin has a veto on their transfer.