Russia-Ukraine war live: EU approves new €500m military aid package to Ukraine amid pressure on Germany to make tanks decision

LIVE – Updated at 16:05 EU ratifies military aid package to Ukraine as Berlin says it will not ‘stand in way’ of Poland sending Leopard tanks.

Germany starts deploying Patriot air defence units to Poland 16:05 Germany has begun to move its Patriot air defence systems into Polish territory, close to the

Ukrainian border, where they will be deployed to prevent stray missile strikes. Related: Missile that hit Poland likely came from Ukraine defences, say Warsaw and

Nato Berlin’s offer to deploy three of its Patriot units in Poland came after two men were killed by a stray Ukrainian missile that struck the Polish village of

Przewodow in the region last November. Speaking to reporters before the Patriots’ departure, Col Jörg Sievers said: One of the reasons why Germany will now

support Nato’s eastern flank in Poland with Patriots is certainly because we saw how quickly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could spill over to Nato member countries.

Sievers, who will command the German unit in Poland, underlined the “strictly defensive” nature of the Patriot system, adding: We are not the only defence

forces on the ground, the British and Americans are also on the ground.   15:37 The BBC’s James Waterhouse has shared some interesting rankings, via the Kiel

Institute, showing which countries have pledged the most support for Ukraine, militarily and in financial aid.