Sailors at ‘HMS Collingrad’ suffered heating and plumbing issues every day last year

The Royal Navy’s largest training establishment had heating and hot water issues more than once a day last year as sailors nicknamed it “HMS Collingrad”. Military

personnel have criticised what they have described as the “absolutely horrendous” living conditions at HMS Collingwood, the training centre in Fareham, Hampshire.  The

sailors have compared it to Stalingrad and that an already low morale has been impacted further after recent flooding meant servicemen had to cram together in cabins and sleep in

recreation areas away from the damage. In response to a written question by Labour, Alex Chalk, the minister for defence procurement, revealed that there have been 393

maintenance issues relating to heating and hot water at HMS Collingwood since Feb 2022. The highest month for reported issues was November, which received 80 complaints

about the base, with 60 issues reported the following month.  It came after The Telegraph revealed that ministers are in talks to scrap the housing contract for military

accommodation after families were forced to spend Christmas in mould-infested homes.  Hundreds of Armed Forces personnel were forced to speak out about the “scandalous”

living conditions they have endured this winter, from broken boilers to no running water.  John Healey, the shadow defence secretary, accused the Conservatives of “failing

in their duty to our Forces, who are living in shameful conditions while serving our country”.   “The standard of accommodation has been low and getting worse under this

government, yet nothing’s been done,” he told The Telegraph.