'Saved many lives': Monterey Park gunman disarmed by 'brave man' at second California dance studio, sheriff says

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. — One brave community member disarmed the Monterey Park, California, mass shooting suspect at a second dance studio after the deadly rampage and prevented

further carnage, authorities confirmed Monday. What to know: About 20 to 30 minutes after the suspected gunman killed 11 people at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in

Monterey Park, California, 72-year-old Huu Can Tran entered Lai Lai Ballroom & Dance Studio in Alhambra, California, with a gun and likely intending to shoot again, according

to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna. What police say: Tran was discovered in a white van in the nearby town of Torrance, California, where

authorities found him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. The individual who disarmed the gunman prevented additional damage, Luna said. "This could have been much

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Park dance studio unfolded 'Brave man' disarmed gunman who entered Lai Lai Ballroom & Dance  Witnesses at the Lai Lai ballroom in Alhambra,

about two miles away from the Monterey Park dance studio, reported seeing the shooter flee to a white van, according to authorities. A similar van was at the site of law

enforcement action in TorranceSunday afternoon, where authorities discovered Tran, who was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.