SEC Admits Blowing Call; No Comment on Hogs' Conspiracy

In a week of lost games, coaches gone and even mascot dying it didn't help. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — There may have been more than one blown call Wednesday night, but nothing

will change. Missouri's 79-76 win will stand over Arkansas. For a fan base that loves making excuses for failure, the officiating gave them enough ammunition to carry

until football season. It's all probably part of some conspiracy many Razorback fans feel the SEC has against them to keep them down. Just another verse in that tired

song. At least now we know, well, we don't really know but the league admitted it blew the call when Davonte Davis was called for an offensive player on a drive to the

basket with a Missouri player was determined to not be in that circle that is in front of the goal. Really, about all that determined is that the league's replay system

screwed it up on the review. Honestly, they may have just been worn out. There were a lot in a game that lasted longer than a bad first date. The foul called on Davis was

his fifth of the game, making him the third Razorback to foul out of the contest. 13 seconds later, Kamani Johnson was called for his fifth foul to join the list with Makhi

Mitchell and Jordan Walsh, who fouled out in 13 minutes. The Razorbacks finished the game with 33 fouls, becoming the first SEC team to reach the 30-foul mark in a game this

season. The Tigers connected on 30-of-40 free-throw attempts in the victory, including 15-of-17 in the final five minutes of the three-point victory.