Senators Warn of 'Predatory' Medical Credit Cards

When it comes to hospitals, it's easy to imagine a place where everyone works together to help patients heal and get back to the business of living. Perhaps it's time to

rethink that image. According to a group of Democratic senators, some hospitals have teamed up with credit card companies to push high-interest debt on those desperate for

medical help. Unfortunately, it is those most in need who are being harmed by this practice. Discover: This card has one of the longest intro 0% interest periods

around More: Consolidate debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards The letter Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, Chris Murphy, and

Sherrod Brown recently sent a letter to the chief executives of Wells Fargo Bank and Synchrony Financial. While they are not the only financial institutions offering medical

credit cards, they are two of the largest. In the letter, the senators expressed concern that these medical credit cards could be predatory. After all, once treated,

patients are left with "hefty, high-interest medical debt." While the majority of Americans are insured, millions are not. Of those who are fortunate enough to have health

coverage, many cannot afford the out-of-pocket maximums, copays, or uncovered services.