Some Democrats express frustration with Biden over classified documents – live

LIVE – Updated at 17:37 ‘It diminishes the stature of any person who is in possession of it,’ says Senator Dick Durbin of the files – follow all the

latest politics news. Jury convicts Jan 6 rioter who put feet on Pelosi's desk 17:37 Richard Barnett, who during the January 6 insurrection was pictured

sitting in a chair with a foot on then-House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk, has been found guilty of all charges against him, Politico reports: As CBS News reports,

Barnett testified in his own defense during the federal trial and directly addressed the jury, with no apparent effect: Arrested two days after the insurrection,

Barnett was often combative during his case’s lengthy journey through the court system.   17:16 When Joe Biden’s aides first discovered classified documents at

his former office in Washington DC, they thought that was the only location such material would be found. But it wasn’t – more secrets were found at his home in

Wilmington, Delaware. The mistaken belief that such documents would only be found in one place has led to the drip of discoveries over the past weeks, the New York Times reports,

and kept the issue in the news, particularly after the justice department took the significant step of appointing a special counsel to handle the matter. Here’s more from

the Times’ report: Former officials familiar with the packing up of Mr. Biden’s office in the White House and the vice president’s Naval Observatory home at the end

of the Obama administration had told Mr. Biden’s lawyers that there were two primary sets of materials, the people said.