Suella Braverman declares war on ‘politically correct nonsense’ at Home Office

Suella Braverman has declared war on “politically correct nonsense” at the Home Office after staff at an internal event were ordered not to use words including

“homosexual”. Ms Braverman ordered a review in the wake of the event for civil servants in the Homeland Security Group earlier this month. Attendees had been told not

to call each other “mate” or use the words “homosexual” and “transsexual” as part of a 12-slide presentation on gendered language. But Ms Braverman distanced her department

from the guidance and is understood to have been frustrated by the seminar on the “right” words for staff to use. “The Home Secretary has made her views very clear — she

doesn’t want to see this kind of politically correct nonsense in the department,” a Home Office source told The Telegraph. “How can the word ‘mate’ be a problem between

colleagues? There’s been a review of what happened, and officials understand what’s to be expected in future.” The discussion, held during working hours, also urged civil

servants to wear rainbow lanyards, include personal pronouns in email signatures and join the LGBT Civil Service network, the Guido Fawkes website reported. Lee Anderson,

the Tory MP for Ashfield and a member of the home affairs committee, said: “I genuinely think that there are a tiny minority of out of touch Home Office managers in made up jobs

that lay awake at night thinking up solutions to problems that do not exist. “They need to concentrate on serving the British taxpayer rather than their own ridiculous