Target Launches Line with Stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson: 'We're Not Afraid of Showing Our Bodies Anymore'

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson's new collection with Target is a bit like kismet. The celebrity stylist, who has worked with the likes of Gigi Hadid and

Serena Williams and styled the latest Vogue cover with Florence Pugh, has early memories of filling her closet with Target's special collections.  "I wore a Target and

Peter Pilotto blouse to my first interview at Vogue, because that was the way that I could access fashion," she says of the retailer's 2014 designer collaboration. "I didn't have

any money, I wasn't exposed to luxury fashion at that point, and I just wanted style within my reach." Now Karefa-Johnson is the new creative behind Target's Future

Collective. Launched last September, the collection is a rotating feature helmed by style and cultural influencers. Karefa-Johnson takes over for Kehlana Barfield Brown for a new

edition of Future Collective that hits Target on Jan. 29 with a few additional drops during the production run.  Comprised of nearly 100 different pieces, Karefa-Johnson's

Future Collective clothing will all be under $50 and range in size from XXS to 4X and 00 to 30 — all of which was important to Karefa-Johnson while creating the collection.

"This collection is a reflection of my taste and my style, but also, felt like a collection where anyone could find something for themselves," she says, adding that

accessibility and approachability were key. "We're not afraid of showing our bodies anymore; we're over this hiding moment. It's really about embracing our personal style and also

having fun with fashion."