The Crown star Claire Foy’s obsessed stalker set to be sentenced

Claire Foy’s obsessed stalker who bombarded the actress with thousands of emails and turned up unannounced at her home is due to be sentenced. Jason Penrose, 49, left The

Crown star terrified that he was going to come and kill her and her daughter duing a six-month campaign of stalking. He sent more than 1,000 emails to Foy’s publicist Emma

Jackson, a court heard, including one which referred to rape. In December 2021, Penrose turned up at her home and repeatedly rang the doorbell. Penrose is now due to be

sentenced at Wood Green crown court on Friday, having admitted stalking between August 2021 and February 2022 and two charges of breaching an interim stalking ban order by sending

a letter and a parcel to the Golden Globe winner. An earlier court hearing was told Foy, who starred as Queen Elizabeth II in the first two series of The Crown, suffered

from sleepless nights as a result of Penrose’s attentions, and begged her film industry colleagues not to tag her in pictures in case Penrose uses them to track her movements.

“Ms Foy has been targeted by Mr Penrose in a sustained, unwanted, fixated and obsessive behaviour that was intrusive due to his delusional beliefs”, said prosecutor

Varinder Hayre. “Mr Penrose was claiming she was interested in him romantically and he did believe she would like to star in a movie he was planning to make.” The

court heard when Penrose knocked on the actress’ door, her daughter answered and he said: “It’s Jason, I’m outside.” Penrose initially contacted Foy claiming to be a movie

producer and pitching a $20million Warner Brothers Studio sci-fi film project. He also tried to contact Foy on LinkedIn and Instagram.