The Curious Case of Brad Pitt, Château Miraval, and a Compelling New Luxury Skin Care Line

Brad Pitt has not read the beauty tutorial memo. We’re 25 minutes into a world’s first interview with the actor, producer, philanthropist, wine producer, and newly-minted skin

care brand founder at Château Miraval, the sprawling property and vineyard in the South of France that Pitt bought with Angelina Jolie in 2012, and after a few quick-fire

questions we arrive at the inevitable part of any skin care founder interview: “What’s your regimen?” I ask, with a certain amount of trepidation. “Can we have a product

demonstration?” Pitt baulks, smiling. “I’m not doing that!” “Maybe just talk about how your routine has evolved, then? Just don’t make it too QVC,” I suggest to the

Academy Award-winning actor, hoping he might warm to the idea of applying face creams while being filmed. “I wouldn't know how to do that, unless it was a comedy,” Pitt

laughs. “Actually, Sandy [Sandra Bullock] and I did once try to develop a whole idea of a husband and wife team, who were QVC’s most successful salespeople, but we’re getting a

divorce, we hate each other, and we’re taking it out on air as we sell things. That’s as far as we got.”