These maps show where to expect snow and sleet as storm moves through Massachusetts

After a relatively mild winter so far, a winter storm has arrived in Massachusetts, bringing rain and snow throughout the region that is expected to last into Friday

evening. There will be periods of light rain Friday that will transition to light snow later on in the morning and continue to fall into the afternoon from the northwest

portion of the state to the southeast, the National Weather Service said. The one exception is the Cape Cod and the Islands, where precipitation will remain in the form of light

rain, forecasters said in an online discussion forum. Additional snow accumulations of two to four inches are also likely in northern Massachusetts. This may lead to snowy

roads, and the weather service is urging drivers to use caution while driving. Snow accumulations on Friday will be minor in much of the state. Boston is expected to see

about an inch of snow, while Plymouth and the south coast will get a dusting. Fitchburg is forecast to get just over 3 inches, Worcester just under three, and Lawrence about 2

inches, according to the weather service. Temperatures are expected to be in the high 30s across the state, although it will feel cold given the blustery winds, which could

reach up to 30 m.p.h. at times in eastern Massachusetts on Friday morning, forecasters said. The Cape Cod and the Islands will be in the low 40s. Most of northern

Massachusetts will see up to 4 inches of snow, the weather service said. There will also be a risk of snow and sleet, and some ice accumulations of a light glaze in the region.

The rest of the state is likely to only see an inch of snow or a light dusting.