‘Totally irresponsible’: Biden faces backlash after new classified documents found at Wilmington home

WASHINGTON — Saturday’s revelation that classified documents had been found at President Biden’s private home in Wilmington, Del., proved fodder for congressional Republicans

who took the following morning’s political talk shows to vow aggressive investigation of how he and his top advisers handled classified materials during his time as vice president

in the Obama administration. Democrats, too, were forced to agree that Biden had committed a serious error, for which there could be legal and political consequences.

“Just unacceptable,” said Sen Dick Durbin, a veteran Democrat from Illinois, on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “They need a course correction,” former Sen. Heidi

Heitkamp, a Democrat who represented North Dakota, said on ABC’s “This Week.” Biden previously maintained that “there’s nothing there” when it comes to the documents, whose

contents remain unknown and whose existence has been revealed in a series of damaging acknowledgements throughout the last two weeks. But with even some Democrats refusing to

accept his reassurances, and Republicans emboldened after a difficult start to the new Congress for their House majority, the controversy shows little sign of abating.

“It’s totally irresponsible,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V. said on CNN. He and other Democrats are unlikely to abandon Biden, and the White House believes that the president will

ultimately be vindicated. But that vindication could be far away. So far, classified materials have been found at an office he used in Washington, a beach home in

Rehoboth, Del., and most recently at his Wilmington residence. The initial discovery was made on Nov. 2 but not revealed until earlier this month