Traffic Crashes Cost You Too Much And Increase Your Taxes

Road crashes cost American society a whopping $340 billion in 2019, official report says. It is a staggering bill.  It will undoubtedly make motorists about to take

the wheel think.  Motor vehicle crashes cost American society $340 billion in 2019, according to a recent report from he National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

(NHTSA). This represents the equivalent of $1,035 for each of the 328 million people in the United States and 1.6% of the $21.4 trillion real U.S. gross domestic product for

2019. These figures are a reminder that road insecurity also represents an economic cost for society.  "This report drives home just how devastating traffic crashes

are for families and the economic burden they place on society,” said Ann Carlson, NHTSA’s acting administrator. “We need to use the safe system approach embraced in DOT’s

National Roadway Safety Strategy to dramatically decrease the number and severity of crashes: safer roads, safer people, safer vehicles, safer speeds, and better post-crash

care.” The report assessed the costs of crashes that killed an estimated 36,500 people, injured 4.5 million others and damaged 23 million vehicles in one year. It draws on

data from a range of crashes, including ones that lead to property damage, serious injuries and fatalities, according to the federal agency. 'Lost Household

Productivity' The report also examines crashes not reported to the police, using consumer survey data, in-car observation techniques and a variety of other sources.