Tropical Storm Fiona threatens to become a hurricane as it lashes Puerto Rico with heavy rain

Puerto Rico had a hurricane warning put in place as Tropical Storm Fiona gathers strength and threatens to dump 20-inches of rain on the island. The National Hurricane

Center issued the warning for the island on Saturday and stated that eastern and southern Puerto Rico could be hit by torrential rain, flooding, and mudslides. Forecasters

believe that the storm will strengthen to a hurricane, with winds of at least 74mph, by the time it is near or over the island on Sunday night. Hurricane watches are also in

place for the US Virgin Islands and parts of the Dominican Republic. “Hurricane conditions are expected across portions of Puerto Rico Sunday and Sunday night, and are

possible across the U.S. Virgin Islands tonight and Sunday,” the NHC said in a statement. ”Tropical storm conditions will continue to affect portions of the Leeward Islands

today and will spread westward to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands later today, and to Puerto Rico tonight. Tropical storm conditions will reach the Dominican Republic by

Sunday night.” The NHC warned of the impact that the heavy rain may have on Puerto Rico. “These rains are likely to produce flash and urban flooding, along with

mudslides in areas of higher terrain, particularly southern and eastern Puerto Rico and the eastern Dominican Republic,” it stated. Fiona became a tropical storm over the

Atlantic on Wednesday and entered the eastern Caribbean on Friday. “We are already starting to feel its effects,” Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi said at a news

conference in which the lights briefly went out as he spoke. “We should not underestimate this storm.”