TWICE Release Second English Single 'Moonlight Sunrise,' and It Has a Special Hidden Significance for Fans

"MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" may be an upbeat bop, but the single carries a sentimental significance for the members of TWICE. The K-pop group's second single

entirely in English (after 2021's "The Feels") was inspired by the time they spent with their fans (known collectively as Once) on their last world tour — and one special night in

particular. "The inspiration came from the last tour [date] we had in L.A.," Jihyo, 25, tells PEOPLE of the May show, a surprise second date at Banc of California Stadium,

added due to fan demand. "During the tour, we had performed under the moonlight and we were dancing, and the composer for this song was there. He found our performance so

beautiful, so that was what the inspiration of this song." "I hope that the song can remind our fans of that beautiful night that we had together," adds Nayeon, 27.

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spoke to TWICE in December, the members hadn't seen the final cut yet. "We shot it not so long ago and had a lot of individual shooting," explains Mina, 25. "All I can

remember is laughing out loud with the members throughout the whole filming," adds Jeongyeon, 26. "It still amazes me how we have a lot to talk about even though we've seen each

other almost every day since our debut." They planned to watch it for the first time together.