Ukraine allies to meet Friday to discuss new arms support

Allies of Ukraine are set to meet Friday to coordinate assisting the war-torn Eastern European country with more arms in its defense against Russia. The meeting comes

just one day after the Kremlin warned NATO that supplying heavy and long-range weapons to Ukraine would escalate the war to a "whole new level." RUSSIA PREPARING MAJOR NEW

OFFENSIVE IN COMING MONTHS: REPORT The U.S. announced Thursday a major military aid package to Ukraine valued at up to $2.5 billion. But Friday's meeting underscores the

urgency with which Ukraine is pleading with all of its allies to step up their efforts in sending military aid, principally in tanks. The United Kingdom has recently

offered 14 of its battle tanks, but Kyiv wants more, per BBC News, and Germany, fresh off the appointment of a new defense minister, faces increased pressure to deliver its

respected Leopard tanks to Ukraine. NATO allies have been critical of Germany for its reluctance to send the German-made main battle tanks. Berlin has even blocked other

countries from sending the Leopold tanks, saying it would be inappropriate for German tanks to arrive on the battlefield if other Western countries have not agreed to take the

same step. With other countries having shattered that excuse, discussions Friday are sure to be focused on what Germany plans to do next. As one adviser to the Ukraine

Ministry of Defence told BBC, "Tanks for Ukraine are tanks for freedom," and if they're not sent, other countries might one day "have to use them themselves" against Moscow.