UN inspectors investigating discrimination in Britain have record for calling liberal democracies racist

United Nations inspectors visiting Britain to investigate discrimination have a history of describing liberal democracies as structurally or systematically racist, it has

emerged. The UN working group of experts on people of African descent is on a two-week visit to the UK to look at racism and “Afrophobia” in this country. Over the

past decade, the group has produced a series of critical reports on countries such as Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada and Spain. Australia was told its black

population were victims of a “siege of racism”, while Sweden was accused of being “blinded to the racism in its midst”.‘Self-serving and deceitful’ A Whitehall source said:

“The fact that this rabble only ever finds racism wherever they go shows how self-serving and deceitful they are. “After condemning all liberal democracies for existential

discrimination no doubt they will move to complimenting North Korea on its ethnic harmony, Iran on its religious tolerance and Venezuela on its economic empowerment.” The

UN working group visited the UK in 2011 and two years ago it accused the country of being home to “institutional racism”. They began a second visit to Britain last week.

They put out a call for examples of “the most significant human rights violations that people of African descent in the UK experience” and “emblematic cases of racial

discrimination faced by people of African descent living in the UK”. The inspectors also requested examples of “racial bias and discrimination in the criminal justice system

and law enforcement, including racial profiling and combating terrorism”.