Want a new job? These are the most in-demand opportunities in Canada in 2023

Are you a Canadian looking to switch things up on the job front this year? Perhaps you want to pivot to a new path within your existing expertise, maybe you want to

change fields entirely, or you might be wondering what area of study you should pursue that offers plenty of career opportunities. Recruitment company Randstad Canada

recently shared a list of Canada's 15 most in-demand job opportunities for 2023 and the jobs range from skilled trades to drivers to office jobs. And while we might be

facing an economic downturn at the moment, there are plenty of fields that are facing a talent scarcity. According to Randstad, technology, health care and professional services

sectors are among the top fields looking for workers right now, and there are also opportunities in skilled trades and blue-collar positions. "Since the 1970s, high schools

have not encouraged the trades as a career path, resulting in decades of shortages of skilled young people in the trades. It's interesting to see that a degree isn't the only path

to steady employment and a secure income," said Nick Montesano, a vice president at Randstad Canada, in a press release. He adds that the increased interest and demand for

E-commerce has led to a large number of jobs in the area of supply chain. According to Randstand, here are the top 15 in-demand jobs in Canada in 2023: 1. Developer

Job description: Developers design and code programs based on user needs, from smartphone apps to business accounting programs to operating systems. They are involved as much

in the operation as in the aesthetics of the final product.