What Is Globalization in Business? Everything You Need To Know.

Globalization is the expansion of businesses all over the world due to advances in technology and transportation. Globalization includes an increase in the

flow of:Goods and servicesCapitalPeopleInternational ideas While trade is no new concept, businesses can become a presence in more areas all over the globe than ever before.

But how did this happen? And what business industries experience globalization? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about globalization. Related: Has

Globalization Benefited Our Entrepreneurs?History of globalization Globalization's rich history began long before giant conglomerates such as Amazon and Google existed.

There is a timeline of discovery, protectionism, liberalization, financial crisis, and economic development that can all be traced back to the BC era as the phenomenon of

international trade developed.The Silk Road The Silk Road was the cultural phenomenon that made luxury goods accessible across countries in the first century BC through the

fourteenth century AD. Silk was exported from China to Rome, meaning that many other countries were involved along the route. However, with an abundance of wars and

conquerings and fallen empires changing accessibility of routes, the Silk Road could no longer sustain the turmoil or trade barriers, and ultimately collapsed despite its export

efforts.The spice routes The spice routes flourished because they were tied to the spread of the Islamic religion. The prophet Mohammed was not only the founder of Islam but

also a merchant who traded his spices as he preached across countries.