What Is The Special Meaning Behind The Necklace Kate Middleton Wore To Queen's Funeral?

The new Princess of Wales wore an ornate pearl choker for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday which had a particularly meaningful link to the late monarch. In sharp

contrast to her traditional, all black outfit, Kate Middleton’s bright earrings and necklace, which used to belong to the queen, stood out. The four-row Japanese pearl

choker was paired with Bahrain pearl drop earrings, a combination she was last seen wearing in public for Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. She also wore it to honor

the queen’s 70th wedding anniversary to the Duke of Edinburgh. The eye-catching necklace has four rows of pearls with a curved diamond clasp in the middle. Each side has

three rows of diamonds that join at the top and bottom. It was a particularly fitting choice, as the pieces actually belonged to the queen. Kate’s grandmother-in-law first

lent her this jewelry back in 2017. The Queen also lent Princess Diana — the last official Princess of Wales — the choker back in November 1982, when Queen Beatrix of the

Netherlands visited the U.K. The Princess of Wales’ earrings were from the queen’s royal collection, with diamond studs and longer diamonds in a style reminiscent of the

1940s. There are pearl drops at the end, too. Kate has worn pearls throughout this period of national mourning, as they are a traditional stone to represent mourning and

known to be loved by the queen. Her 7-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, also attended the funeral and was seen wearing an equally touching brooch in the shape of a

horseshoe — a nod to her great-grandmother’s love of horses.