Why Liz Truss might find redemption in America

The embodiment of Margaret Thatcher’s legacy in America is an imposing building a few minutes walk from Congress at the heart of Washington DC. The Heritage Foundation,

housed within, does not just carry the flame of Reaganomics but also prides itself in defending the policies and ideology of the Iron Lady herself. It was here, last month,

that another former female Tory prime minister stopped by as she began to map out the path to a fulfilling life after the pressures and pitfalls of Downing Street. Liz

Truss’s visit to Heritage has spawned ongoing discussions about future work together. It also speaks to a wider interest in America in her quest for political

rehabilitation.  According to friends and former colleagues who have talked to The Telegraph, Ms Truss is likely to make many more trips across the pond this year, tapping

into old congressional contacts and think tank allies. Her tax-slashing economic agenda that imploded here in the autumn still chimes with Right-wing US circles, so the

argument goes, meaning the defence of her principles she is said to be so keen to mount may be more easily done stateside.  “In many ways Liz’s natural political

constituency is Reaganite centre-Right conservatives in the US - proper free market types,” one figure by Ms Truss’s side in Downing Street said, referencing the tax-cutting

former US president Ronald Reagan.  “She feels great affinity to conservative economic thinking in the States - which is more classically conservative than here in Britain,

given we’ve moved so far away from true blue economics here. Her arguments have more willing ears and minds in the US.”