Why PayPal Users Need to Check Their Accounts (Right Now)

PayPal customers attacked and personal information compromised. Scams never stop. Companies use a lot of ways to help protect against a breach in their network to keep

customers' information safe. But hackers have worked hard to find ways around these digital blockades. Theft is nothing new, but how crooks are doing it is continuously

evolving. Not too long ago ID theft was a major problem for banks and credit card companies. That is no longer the case and hasn’t been for quite some time. Now, every

company is subject to possible data breach., and banks and credit cards are held to a higher security standard than other companies.  The companies can only do so much to

protect their customers data and its own. Most customers find login and password restrictions really annoying. Consumer protection experts advise people to not make their login

username their email. That just further exposes them to possible hackers. You shouldn’t reuse passwords. So, when the company login portal says you can't reuse a password you have

used previously, it's not to annoy you, but protect you. Although it can be really annoying, when it says you can’t use a password. If you get the message, that’s because

you are putting yourself at risk for hackers by reusing passwords in the company’s portal. That should also set off a red flag in your brain, saying hey maybe I shouldn’t use this

login and password for my other accounts as well. Having a unique login and password may be inconvenient, but it's better than dealing with identity theft or other financial