Wolverine's Claws Get a Demonic Upgrade Thanks to New Armored Costume

Contains a preview of Midnight Suns #4! The X-Men's

resident brawler Wolverine is getting new, enchanted armor that gives his claws a demonic upgrade as one of the Midnight Suns. Marvel's premier supernatural team are re-assembling

ahead of their videogame debut, as Wolverine joins Ghost Rider, Blade, Magik, and more to tackle zombie sorcerer Zoe Laveau.

While Wolverine is an unexpected inclusion on this roster of eldritch-adjacent heroes, his metallic claws actually give him a

surprising advantage over mystical threats, as many forms of magical life are weak to metal. However, those claws will also be getting a magic upgrade in an upcoming issue, along

with the weapons of heroes including Blade and Magik, who'll be embracing a new red and black color scheme in an attempt to forestall the apocalypse.

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