Woman Arrested After Spraying Travelers with Fire Extinguisher at Atlanta Airport

The Atlanta airport witnessed a spectacle Tuesday night when a Delta passenger sprayed a fire extinguisher in an airport concourse when confronted about

"attempting to open secured doors inside the concourse," according to a preliminary press release from the Atlanta Police Department.  Jennifer Holder responded poorly when

the airport's staff questioned her about not paying for her chicken wings at a Buffalo Wild Wings location inside Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. In a video of

the incident, Holder argues with airport employees, appearing to claim someone else paid for her meal. Eventually, the woman picks up a fire extinguisher and sprays the device

inside the crowded airport. The clip shows travelers trying to get away from Holder and the cloud of chemicals she sprayed from the extinguisher. Holder walked through the

D9 and D7 gates wielding the extinguisher, spraying it at airport security, before attempting to open "secured doors," according to the police report.  RELATED: Hailey

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non-compliant and sprayed officers with the fire extinguisher," the police report stated. "Despite being assaulted, officers were able to detain the combative female."

Officers took Holder to the precinct, where she "continued to behave erratically and combative" by kicking and spitting at the authorities. Never miss a story — sign up

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