Wordle Tips and Hints: The Best Start Words and More

Wordle can be difficult. Start words are key. "ADIEU" has been popular pretty much since the beginning and that makes sense, since it includes four vowels. But not everyone

wants to know the vowels right away. Game designer Tyler Glaiel suggests the mathematically optimal first guess is "ROATE," which isn't a word I'd heard of (Merriam-Webster

informs me it's an obsolete spelling of "rote"). I took some time and pored over a list of the most commonly used letters in English words, and lately I've been starting

Wordle with the one-two punch of "TRAIN" and "CLOSE." That combo uses every single one of the top 10 letters, and it almost always leaves me with a decent group of correct guesses

-- though not always in the right spots. That's what guesses three through six are for. Check out this CNET TikTok, which recommends starting with ADIEU and then throwing in

STORY. It's a great one-two punch that covers a lot of popular letters. The very first time I tried it out, I was able to use the letter info I gained from those guesses to get

the word easily on my third attempt. I asked Wordle creator Josh Wardle to share his techniques -- I never heard back. In the meantime, I asked CNET staffers to share their

Wordle strategies and favorite starting words. Hope it gives you a BOOST or maybe a NUDGE.Big AUDIO dynamite AUDIO. Get 4 out of 5 vowels out of the way immediately and

focus on narrowing down consonants. Don't be afraid to deviate from your regular starter word, though -- sometimes a random word that pops into your head ends up being way more

intuitive than you could have ever imagined. --Ashley Esqueda